Call for Papers – Sustainable Wineries and Breweries

The Sustainability Management Association’s (SMA) quarterly newsletter for June 2017 will highlight wineries and breweries who are using innovation and technology to manage sustainable businesses. May we highlight your success stories in the newsletter? wine and beer
Content Needed

If you would like us to publish your hard work in sustainability management, can you please provide us with a short case study? We’d like to tell the holistic management approaches you are using, so please consider stories that include any of the following:
• Grower practices
• Field to bottle
• Manufacturing innovation
• Packaging design and materials
• Transportation strategies
• Supply chain or vendor collaborative (synchronization)
• Zero Waste Strategies
• End of life solutions

Please send the following to accompany the case study:
• 3-5 Paragraphs on a project, process, or new innovative product or service.
• A picture or two that tells the story in .jpg or .gif
• Your logo and website link “for more information visit …” to add to your article
• Due Date: Please email your article to [email protected] by June 1, 2017
• Your permission to publish on our website and social media

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