Discount Code promoCEMB2017 to Clean Energy Means Business Corporate Summit Nov. 7-8, 2017 – Denver, CO

The Sustainability Management Association invites you to join us at the Clean Energy Means Business Corporate Summit Nov. 7-8, 2017 in Denver, CO. Business leaders in are increasingly seeking ways to lower energy costs and advance sustainability plans. The inaugural Clean Energy Means Business Corporate Summit will provide executives and energy management leaders concrete information about how to pursue clean energy projects and save money by managing energy costs. Sponsored by the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA), the event will showcase regional and national pioneers in the corporate clean energy space and feature business leaders sharing their stories about implementing clean energy solutions. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights on clean energy solutions, best practices and financing strategies. For more information on attending or sponsoring this event, please visit our website here.

Session topics will include:
– Effectively Managing Energy Costs and Risks
– Financial and Other Benefits of Clean Energy Projects
– Offsite Clean Energy Solutions for Facilities
– Expectations in Finding a Development Partner
– Managing and Reducing Demand Charges
– Turning Tax Bills into Equity Returns
– Being a Good Corporate CitiSun Makes Good Business
– Speed Matching

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