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Newsletter #8 Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Greetings Members!
It is my pleasure and honor to serve as the new President of the Board of Directors. In this newsletter, many members have sent in their favo products or services that enable a sustainable lifestyle at home and at work. I know you will enjoy this holiday gift guide and find some amazing solutions available for any type of need.My journey in sustainability management began as an executive with Home Depot, which led me to starting my business Climate Incorporated where we create freshwater solutions for customers around the world. I know you too are creating sustainable solutions and together we are transforming leadership. I look forward to getting to know you and leading the best network of sustainable professionals in the world.

I'd like to personally wish you all a happy and safe Holiday Season!

All my blessings,
Rex Hayes
CEO, Climate Inc.
President, Board of Directors, Sustainability Management Association

#8 Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Newsletter #7 Member's Sustainability Stories

Thank you for your membership in the best association for sustainability professionals. With your support and friendship, 
the Sustainability Management Association (SMA) grew 540% in 2017 to 2,400+ members in 17 countries! As we celebrate our 
Fourth Anniversary, celebrate with me! We are growing fast and will continue to build momentum to create a workforce that 
believes that we can and will transform leadership with Triple Bottom Line management. Sustainability management is becoming 
the status quo thanks to members like you! Thank you for your leadership, commitment, innovation, and collaboration.
2017 was a great year with many milestones that celebrated you! Let me give you a quick overview:
#7 Members' Sustainability Stories

Newsletter #6 Sustainable Wineries & Breweries

We invite you to read our summer newsletter edition featuring sustainable wineries and breweries. You will find interesting and 
impressive sustainability management practices underway in the beer and wine industries.
As an air quality professional, I appreciate the attention given to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we 
also get local co-benefits of reductions in other types of pollution including smog-forming chemicals.
Please enjoy our newsletter and have a great summer! 
Cheers to all of you making a positive difference.

#6 Sustainable Wineries & Breweries

Newsletter #5 Zero Waste Management

As we say goodbye to another year, I am reminded of the popular saying:
The bad news is, time flies
The good news is, you are the pilot
We are all pilots of maintaining and practicing a sustainable lifestyle.
I am constantly reminded how an individual, company, country and the whole world can maneuver into Zero Waste concepts.  
Zero Waste is defined as optimizing human, financial, and natural resources.
Here at Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. located in El Dorado Hills, we were able to record clear victory in this area on a 
large LEED Platinum PG&E Stockton facility that was completed last year.  Here are a few areas of Zero Waste concepts 
that LEED reviewed:

- 84% of Tons Construction Waste Diverted from landfills.
- 31% of all new material contained post-pre consumer recycled content.
- 21% of all new material was regionally manufactured & extracted within 500 miles of the job site.
- 90% of all new wood material was FSC certified woods.
- All new paint, adhesives, and sealants met low VOC capacities.
Wishing everyone a happy and sustainable 2017.
#5 Zero Waste Management

Newsletter #4 Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays to Everyone from the SMA! We hope everyone takes a moment to cherish and celebrate this time of year with your loved 
ones. This special newsletter includes our membership's favorite sustainable gifts. It includes suggestions and ideas to not only 
practice a sustainable holiday season but also to give the gift of sharing with others how a product can enhance a sustainable 
lifestyle. It is important to remember during this time of year to continue to think and act sustainably. Please take a moment 
this holiday to discuss and educate the people close to you about your personal sustainable practices and listen and learn about 
We hope you enjoy this newsletter and we wish you a happy holiday season!
#4 Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Newsletter #3 Sustainable Food

The Sustainability Management Association (SMA) is growing! SMA is a 501c6 nonprofit organization funded by membership. We are not 
grant funded. Our board of directors and executive director are all volunteers. We volunteer our time as experts from diverse 
backgrounds to bring together professionals who are managing sustainability.
SMA has a clear mission to offer educational opportunities in how to manage for the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and 
Profit. There are several ways we offer education. The first is that SMA offers frequent free webinars open to the public so 
managers can learn how to manage sustainability within an organization and throughout the value chain. Our members share their 
expertise, experience, and trials and tribulations in managing sustainability.
The most important service we offer is an accreditation in sustainability management as a Sustainability Management Certified 
Professional (SMCP). The certification covers management methodologies that are relevant to any industry or sector. So even if 
you work in energy, or water, or pollution abatement, or solid waste management, facilities management, or human resources 
management the certification exam will cover management of your organization to realize cost savings from sustainability and 
investment in long-term planning. The exam was designed by industry professionals that are common sense techniques that any 
organization, big or small, can implement right away. some of these methodologies include:

- Closed loop management
- Triple Bottom Line as a strategic priority
- Environment metrics and reporting
- Social responsibility metrics and reporting
- Sustainability audits and assessments
- Creating policies and procedures
- Working with internal and external stakeholders to achieve project management goals
- 3rd party certifying bodies, such as FSC, MSC, LEED GA, USDA Organic, Green Seal, Energy Star, etc.
- Techniques to report and communicate progress, such as GRI Reporting and using metrics to tell your story

We hope that one day there will no longer be a need to assist managers in practical ways to manage sustainability strategy. 
We hope that simultaneously managing for people, planet, and profit will become mainstream and status quo. Each one of our 
members is on a journey. Together, we will get there. 
I personally invite you to learn more about the Sustainability Management Association. Let us tell your story and let our 
members network with you. 
Thank you to each and every one of you for making a positive difference every single day!
#3 Sustainable Food

Newsletter #2 Sustainable Energy

Thank you for supporting the SMA and leading transformation in your business, government, organization and/or school. Your 
dedication to economic performance, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility help make the Sustainability 
Management Association what we are today.
My name is Brandon Morton and I am excited to introduce myself as your new SMA President. I have big shoes to fill, following 
in the steps of  the founding, President Amanda Fairley, Sustainability Manager for South Atlantic Area for Waste Management.  
Luckily for the SMA and I, Amanda has not left SMA altogether. She is still very dedicated to SMA’s vision as a member, and 
volunteers her time and expertise serving on the SMA Board of Directors.
SMA Officers are dedicated to SMA’s mission, working directly with Executive Director Angela Casler and the SMA Board of 
Directors to meet the needs of SMA members and the growing community of sustainability professionals worldwide.
In regards to our own sustainability community, SMA, I would very much like to get to know you better, as would some of our 
Board Directors. Please feel free to contact any of us directly to talk about anything, what you like about SMA or what we 
can do better to meet your needs. We are here to serve you and the mission of SMA.
2016 starts off with a newsletter all about energy.  Special thanks to the SMA Newsletter Team, SMA Interns, and SMA 
Board of Directors, and in particular SMA Board Director Mark Kindelberger from Schneider Electric for providing much of 
the content featured.
Also, don’t forget to advocate for SMA or get involved in our initiatives
- SMA Advocacy and Membership Recruitment
- Publish an article in the SMA Newsletter
- Nominate yourself or organization to be in the SMA Member Spotlight
- Volunteer to speak for an SMA Topic Webinar
Thank you for all you who support SMA!
#2 Sustainable Energy