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    About SMA and the Certification – Sustainability Management Certified Professional/Association

    [playlist type="video" ids="3696"] Getting certified is a great competitive advantage to develop your professional knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA). Consider adding value to your marketable skills to get promoted or even change careers to the green economy. Watch this video for an overview of the Sustainability Management Association and the KSA's of the certification exam. To learn more about the certification or membership with the Sustainability Management Association: SMA Flyer final Before you begin the Online Prep Video Course, be sure to order the study guide here for the certification exam. The course videos summarize the study guide's main learning objectives in a format to meet many different learning styles. After you take the course, use the front cover of the study guide, or the invoice from an ebook purchase, and enroll in Mobius to set up your testing date with the Sustainability Management Association.   SMA Study Guide 2nd edition.
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    Online Certification Prep Video Tutorials

    Videos are a faster and easier way to gain insight regarding the certification exam's content. 

    This is a study pack of videos and practice quizzes to assist you in either studying for the certification exam or learning how to manage sustainability. The practice quizzes are very similar to the certification exam's questions.

    The videos are a summary of the key learning objectives of the exam's study guide. This study pack is designed for oratory and visual learners.

    The first video will provide more information about the Sustainability Management Certified Professional or Associate acceditations and an overview of the Sustainability Management Association. Please get engaged and join a network of sustainability professionals.  

    The trainer is Angela Casler, owner of Sustainability Management Consulting. She has helped over 50 companies with strategic plans, as well as project management, since 2007. Angela is also a lecturer with California State University, Chico and teaches Managing for Sustainability. Her mission is to prepare you to lead organization's with the KSA's of Environment, Social Responsibility, and Governance (ESG).