Change Agents/Thought Leaders

Transforming leadership to sustainability management has been pioneered by many incredibly talented professionals. Thank you for leading the way! Please use this page to find some great reads. We can always use new inspiration to motivate us to continue making the world a better place.

Cannibals with Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business

John Elkington can be described as a massive authority on social responsibility and sustainable development. He has coined phrases such as People Planet Profit, environmental excellence, green growth, and others that have become the backbone of the vocabulary we use in sustainability management.

Green to Gold & The Big Pivot: Andrew Winston

Prolific writer and speaker whose insight to sustainable strategy have been sought after by several Fortune 500 companies. We recommend his books Green to Gold and The Big Pivot to help you and your organization thrive in a sustainable way.

Natural Capitalism: Paul Hawken, Hunter Lovins, Amory Lovins

416 pages of ways to align your business to achieve sustainability and become profitable in that endeavor.

Cradle to Cradle: Michael Braungart, William McDonough

Challenging the traditional cradle to grave model of the economy, they champion a new way for the economy to operate. Focusing on a more circular approach that keeps resources in use infinitely.

Limits to Growth: 30 Year Update: Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, Jørgen Randers

With a focus on system dynamics, these MIT scientists modeled that humans are overshooting the carrying capacity of our planet and will deplete it’s natural resources. This book serves as an update to their original findings, making it relevant to today's world.

The Necessary Revolution: Senge, Peter, Smith, Bryan, Kruschwitz, Nina, Laur, Joe and Schley, Sara

A fantastic read that challenges the traditional assertions of dealing with excess and what to do with waste. They argue that commercial buildings' potential is being wasted and that they could become regenerative elements in a modern city.

The Ecology of Commerce: Hawken, Paul

This book argues that while business is to blame for much of the woes in our environment. They hold the key with the most potential for making positive change. This is based off of 8 imperatives that focus on resource reduction, carbon emissions reductions and more.

The Natural Step for Business - Wealth, Ecology & the Evolutionary Corporation: Brian Nattrass, Mary Altomare, Paul Hawken

For business professionals seeking to learn the business case for environmental management.

Sustainable Investing: Herman Bril, Georg Kell, Andreas Rasche

The authors argue that the main driving force for sustainable development will be the investments made in companies and sustainable ideas. They focus on the real world economic factors that will make the most change in decreasing emissions while avoiding many theory heavy topics to create a realistic approach to sustainability.

The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding: Jacquelyn Ottman

This book offers a way to market your products based on their value to their company’s sustainability efforts without greenwashing their products. They focus on innovation and using social media to your advantage.