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    PG45 Aluminum Profile
    Surface Treatment: Satin Anodized
    Standard Length: 5800mm
    Color: Sliver or Customized
    Dimension of PG45:
    45x45mm R90 2 slots,
    45x45mm 2 slots Type A,
    45x45mm 2 slots Type B,
    45x45mm 3 slots,
    45x45mm 4 slots Light,
    45x45mm 4 slots,
    45x45mm 4 slots Heavy,45x60mm 4 slots,
    45x90mm 6 slots,
    45x90mm 6 slots Heavy,
    45x180mm 10 slots90x90mm 8 slots
    90x90mm 8 slots Heavy
    90x90mm L 8 slots
    90x180mm 12 slots
    Aluminum extrusions PG45 featuring 10mm T-slot is designed for constructing heavy weight assemblies
    such as heavy work tables, fixtures, machine frames, transport shuttles, protective enclosures, and handling systems
    1.Short planning times
    2.aluminum frame fasten construction
    3.High flexible conversion and extension options
    4.Reusable components
    5.Full set of drawing aluminum profiles and matching accessories
    Details of PG45 aluminum profiles

    DescriptionMoment of Inertia
    lx(cm4)Moment of Inertia
    ly(cm4)Moment of Resistance
    Wx(cm3)Moment of Resistance
    (kg/m)Part No.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×45 R90 2 slots10.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×45 4 slots Light 10.510.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×45 4 slots Type A12.912.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×45 4 slots Type B13.712.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×45 3 slots12.912.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×45 4 slots12.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×45 4 slots Heavy16.516.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×60 4 slots16.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×90 6 slots24.289.310.819.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×90 6 slots Heavy32.5122.214.527.
    Strut Profile PG45 45×180 10 slots48.4640.621.571.
    Strut Profile PG45 90×90 8 slots163.2163.236.336.
    Strut Profile PG45 90×90 8 slots Heavy222.9222.949.649.
    Strut Profile PG45 90×90 L 8 slots161.480.325.615.
    Strut Profile PG45 90×180 12 slots454.91585.7101.1176.312.
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