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    Products Description
    The raw material of fiberglass plate sheet are high quality resin, high performance film, and high quality fiber glass. Its functions are strong ultraviolet radiation, strong chemical resistance, strong self cleaning, strong aging resistance, strong powdery resistance and high transmittance.
    Strength refers to the maximum stress value of the fiberglass plate sheet when it is damaged by force, including tensile strength, bending, impact and shear strength.
    Stiffness indicates the resistance of the fiberglass plate sheet to the deformation, so when the fiberglass plate sheet is formed, the stiffeners are made on some parts or the sub fibers are used to strengthen the stiffeners on the surface, so the stiffness can be improved.
    The curing degree of fiberglass plate sheet is more than 85%. Therefore, the fiberglass plate sheet produced by our company has both rigidity and toughness, and it is not crisp, which is convenient for construction and installation.
    Main types
    The main types of fiberglass plate sheet are Type 750, Type 840, Type 820, Type 950, Type 900, Type 760 .
    Main thickness can be mini 0.8 mm and max 2.0 mm.
    Main type of usage are economical, weather resistant, heat insulation, flame retardant, and anticorrosive five main types
    In Lighting: Fiberglass plate sheet is used for roofing of industrial buildings.
    In agricultural vegetable sheds: Fiberglass plate sheet is used for insulation and lighting.
    In public sports stadiums and stadiums: Fiberglass plate sheet can be used as the lighting.
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