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    Product Parameter:
    Standard: 1000ml,2000ml
    1. Transparency or translucence
    2. Material: Medical grade PVC
    3. Shelf life: 3 years
    4. Type: Single tubing trident type, with three clamps
    Advantages and characteristics:
    1. PVC without fluorescent powder;
    2. Trident type, with three clamps;
    3. Flexible folwing or non-return controlled by clamps;
    4. Large usage in every field;
    5. Combination use with other product;
    6. Made in 100,000 grade dust-free clean workshop.
    1. Can we pay by PayPal?
    Yes, it is ok.
    2. Can we take 2pcs to check the quality?
    Sure, samples is free, but the courier cost will be paid by your side, thanks.
    3. How many people in your company?
    About 100 people.
    1. By air
    2. By land
    3. By train
    4. By sea
    Any way, it depends on customerYI-2000ml Liquid Waste Bag