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    Our Product
    pallet beam rack drive in rack cantilever rack shuttle rack live rack medium duty rack light duty rack mold drawer rack mezzanine rack warehouse storage equipment
    Product Application
    Industrial factory / warehouse storage / office / hospital / Library /Market/
    Our Certificate
    Yuyao Sanlian goods shelves Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional storage shelf equipment manufacturer engaged in the planning, design, production, sales, installation and service. Our company has advanced cold-formed steel rolling production lines, automatic punching production lines, electrostatic power coating line, shear folding, welding sheet metal processing equipment. Shelf technology is imported from abroad, has feature of good assembly, large carrying capacity and strong stability. Use high quality cold and hot steel as shelf material. Production and testing is strictly according to the relevant national and enterprise standards. Set up a complete set of product quality assurance system and installation and after-sales service team.
    Our products are widely used in logistics, aviation, military industry, electric power, communications, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco, machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, food, lighting, furniture, daily necessities, clothing, etc.
    We provide customers with personalized design, combined with customer’s field space and special requirements, to achieve reasonable layout, smooth process, first-rate environment effect. The company has skilled installation and after-sales service team, all service personnel have been strictly professional and technical training, provide customers with efficient, high-quality service timely and technical consulting and training. Advanced equipment, first-class technology, can solve all the questions about warehousing and logistics for you.
    “Scientific management, reasonable planning, save space” is our management tenet, our goal is to provide the most economic and optimal solution for customer’s industry and office storage.
    Our products include:
    1. Storage shelf series: duty racking, pallet racking, drive-in racking, rolling racking, cantilever racking, double deep racking, auto parts shelves, push back rack, live pallet racking, mobile racking, slid racking, mobile rack, etc.
    2. Handling equipment series: electricstacker, manual handling forklift, electric fork-lift, hydraulic lift platform, electric pallet truck.
    3. Warehouse peripheral devices: card board/tray, storage cage, stacking racks/unit shelving, ladder truck, table trolley, container, workbench, metal divider net.
    Our service concept:
    Professional, so assured
    Quality first, quantity second
    Safty first, installed second
    Elegant your display, add your storage space.China Pallet Beam Shelf manufacturers