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    Scrapper manure removing system is designed for a type equipment only, it can reduce the investment and reduce ammoina in the shed.
    鈼?Main motor;
    鈼?Manure collect board;
    鈼?Turn wheel.
    鈼?Easy operation: auto system with the control board, easy for operation;
    鈼?Low investment: low investment compared to belt manure removal system
    1. Our products have been sold to more than 40 countries, and we can provide targeted solutions for different situations in each country.
    2. Our team visiting the customer farm regularly so that we can hear from the customer, improve the technology and solution.
    3. We have an expert engineer team who is expert with installation, commissioning, and training for your project.
    4. Top quality chicken cage processing skill, the cage, and related equipment can be lasting for 15-20 years;
    5. We have domestic customer, our team will visit our domestic market every two weeks, therefore you can video chat with our team if you want to check the farm.
    1) What product do you produce?
    A: We produce chicken cages (layer chicken cage, broiler chicken cage, pullet chicken cage, and all the related automatic system, such as auto feeding, auto manure removal, auto egg collection, auto ventilation, and auto lighting system).
    2) Can you deliver the chicken cage to our country?
    A: We can deliver to the nearest port to your country.
    3) How long will it take to receive the equipment after the payment?
    A: For large quantities with the auto system, it is around 20-30 days, for the manual system, it is around 5-15 days.
    4) Can you send engineer to install the cage for us?
    A: Yes, we can send engineer to your country to install the cage.
    5) Can you offer shed design?
    A: Yes, we can offer shed design based on the final solution you choose.China Manure Removing System