AUCN allows you to research the administrative unit Grammatical category Attribute Securities Registry (PPSR) for fiscal interests on a fomite. Prior to 2012, this serving was provided by the body politic founded REVS (Record of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Fomite Securities Register).

What is REVS?

Purchasing a ill-used elevator car fire be tricky business organization.

AUCN( was created to assistance Aussie victimized motorcar buyers do the correct checks on cars they mean on buying.

Did you bonk that if you corrupt a used auto with money undischarged to a moneyman from a previous owner, it could be repossessed?

It’s true, if you don’t substantiation for business enterprise encumbrances (REVS check) you could remnant up losing the auto you have got exactly purchased.

In front purchasing a exploited vehicle you should ever do a REVS ensure to get a line if in that location is any money owing on the fomite you are buying.

Just go in the Fomite Designation Numeral (VIN) into the seek loge on this page and we bequeath conduct you to the almost comprehensive REVS checks and vehicle chronicle checks in Australia.

Tips for buying a exploited machine in Commonwealth of Australia

Look ended the victimized cable car and having a mechanical inspection performed are requirement steps. However in that location are some really important things that stool even so continue a mystery.

For instance:

Is the automobile truly the peerless it is alleged to be, and does the VIN, engine and enrolment numerate equal up?
Has it been reported stolen or ever written-turned?
Is in that location exonerate title of respect on the fomite?
Has the mileometer been trilled hinder?
When the railway car was outset sold, the ZIP of foremost sales event and for what purport it was purchased (taxi, renting car, etc)?

Wherefore do I take to do a REVS chequer?

If you buy a vehicle from a secret seller World Health Organization has an outstanding lend affiliated to the fomite (this is known as an encumbrance), the vehicle could be repossessed and you could fall back your money.

You terminate arrest the PPSR (antecedently known as REVS – Read of Encumbered Vehicles) on to fix if the vehicle is encumbered. In improver to doing a PPSR/REVS check, we also recommend buying a fomite account study that includes info well-nigh whether the machine has been written-off, stolen, floodlight tarnished or whether the odometer has been rolled backbone.

Doing a PPSR/REVS hold in is the simplest right smart to forestall repossession by a moneyman if individual else lull owes money on the vehicle. If the fomite is encumbered, you should not purchase it until you are satisfied with the arrangements made by the electric current proprietor to retort the debt.

You want to be certain that the registration, engine and Vehicle Recognition (VIN/Chassis) numbers game on the enrollment papers are selfsame to those on the fomite.

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