Flooring is the biggest part of your home and it affects the overall appeal of your in-home interior. Choosing a right floor is not an easy task, you need to be very careful while choosing one. Flooring is not about only appearance, there are much more important factors affecting the choice. A floor should look good and be convenient as well. If you live in a high moisture environment then you need to install tiles such as ceramic, concrete, porcelain tile or vinyl tile. Superior wear resistant floor is what you need if you have pets in your home to keep your floor scratch free. You should consider a durable floor like ceramic or porcelain tile, laminate flooring, plank vinyl flooring, or even carpeting. Maintenance is what demands both your time and energy, so if you want to have a low maintenance floor any form of Vinyl flooring would be best: tile, sheet or plank. Laminate flooring also falls under the low maintenance category it’s just that this flooring demands special cleaning methods. Wet mops ruin the laminate flooring, an extremely damp mop or a system like a Swiffer Wet Jet suit it. Hard coverings like tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete etc. are comparatively demanding less maintenance to materials like cork, wood etc.

Budget is the primary concern and Flooring Vancouver helps you to select the best floor within your budget. Floorings of marble, granite etc are very costly but they are generally used but primarily for residential buildings. Appearance is the most important aspect, and when you visit Tiles Stores Vancouver our team will help you to choose the floor that will go with your in- home interior and accentuate the aesthetic value of your home. Sound insulation is a must have property for the flooring, because flooring is supposed to insulate the noise. While walking noise should not be produced by it. Cork flooring, rubber flooring and timber flooring are considered best for this purpose. For the upper floor, flooring material should be fire resistant. Concrete, tiles, terrazzo , mosaic , marble have good fire resistance. The flooring material needs to be smooth and have an even surface, however, it should not be slippery. Flooring needs to be hard enough to have resistance to indentation marks, imprints etc. usually caused by shifting of furniture, equipment and pets sometimes. Tiles Store Vancouver offers complete services from choosing the right floor with you to complete installation of the floor.

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