Texting while driving means sending or reading the information via web, email or using a mobile phone while driving the motor vehicles. The idea is viewed as a dangerous act because of the possible accidents on the roads. Moreover, it may divert the drivers’ mind and cause a great danger. In the United States, 2007, the study done by American Automobile Association outlined that 46% of teenagers ended up in the hospital because of texting while driving. The study also shows that 89% of the US citizens use their cell phones while being in the car, and this causes a lot of distraction. The negative impact is that they were neglecting the traffic rules during the time spent with their eyes off the road. Generally, while driving, any activity can be dangerous and harmful to an innocent pedestrian.
Texting While Driving Can Be Fatal
Texting while driving causes accidents in all the United States. It is termed to be an illegal act because of the driver’s negligence. Both adults and teenagers need to adopt a real behavior of observing the road traffic to reduce deaths and save lives. The drivers do not pay enough attention on the road while writing the text messages, in such a way they spend 20% of their time out of the lane, which is very dangerous. Many of the young teenagers may think that it is safe, but the fact is that around thirty five thousand of people in the United States die in the road crashes due to driving while texting. This act should be made illegal, in order to make all the states safe from road accidents. Texting while driving should be banned due to the consequences which are fatal.
This act causes many distractions. One second may bring a great negative change to everything on the road. “Leaving a lane on the road while typing one word is very easy for a driver to cause an accident”, to argue on the sentence above, “Drivers take off their eyes on the road for a second while reading or typing massages, which is absolutely crazy”, thus it causes a lot of accidents within the next second. Texting while driving is one of the main distractions in the United States.
Statistics of Awareness
All the drivers should be aware of the traffic rules. Everyone should pay more attention to them, in order to be safe. The primary task of them should be based on the time reaction and performance speed. The performance speed between the operators should be determined according to the limit of their capabilities. The measures should bring a primary change in order reduce the accidents caused by texting while driving. A national survey carried out in 2010 by an American Automobile Association showed that 86 % of the licensed drivers described texting while driving as “very dangerous”; this outlined a percentage rate of 93 % of those who support banning it. Many of the members believe that it should be prohibited and propose to have voice activated technologies spread widely. According to the new survey today, a driver believes that texting while driving is very dangerous, thus should be banned nationwide.
One of the researchers said, that messaging substantiality increases the risk of accidents, therefore the national report survey basically supports the banning of handheld texting while driving and develop a better activated technology for drivers to remain connected. The fact to this statement is that, “driver’s hands on the steering wheel and eyes should be well focused on the road.” Currently, around 18 states have enacted their laws on texting while driving to be banned.
According to the national survey, confusion arises among the drivers about the laws of banning texting while driving due to a low percentage rate of drivers’ awareness. The research on driving showed the apperception to the driver’s choice in looking on both sides of the road, which can reduce 90% of the accidents. Teens take risks while driving, for example, while manually using mobile phones, which causes a greater attention to the road accidents.
Effects of Texting Messaging
According to the researchers, texting while driving is a harmful issue which brings a lot of injuries. It is very essential for people to understand the negative impact of it, which relates to time and psychological body reaction responses. The study attempts to reflect the effect of texting while driving and the changes in both psychological and cognitive stress, thus showing a cardiovascular and respiratory reaction time.
It also showed that messaging increases the respiratory rate, heart rate and reaction time. The increase in reaction causes a great decrease in mental output, which leads to a lot of stress to drivers. Text messaging while driving should be banned in all the states because it brings a lot of dangerous distractions, which lead to psychological stress.
Peer Pressure
The study shows that 75% of the teenagers do not agree on the reason why texting while driving should be banned in all the states because they do not see any negative impact in that. Texting while driving should not make one blindly on the road. One should not put his life and lives of others in danger because of texting, and that is why the policies should be formulated to prevent such behavior.
Texting While Driving Should Be Illegal
Texting while driving should be banned in all the states because of the accidents which lead to death. The real question to this is “how will this become enforced?” This statement is very clear, but not every driver will follow the obligatory laws as due to latest traffic policies it is extremely difficult to prove the fact of texting while driving. To support the opinion, it should be illegal because every driver needs to be attentive and focused on the road. Everybody should wait until the destination place to avoid the accident occurrence and reduce the mortality rate in the United States. Driving is a dangerous act on its own. There should be formulated policies to curb this issue hence it should be banned in all states. Laws passed against sending text messages will bring a great change about reducing the number of road accidents and many lives of people will be saved.
Text Messaging While Driving Should Be Banned
It is believed that many deaths can be prevented if texting while driving is banned. People have a tendency of getting involved in reading phone messages or writing them, hence it causes a lot of accidents. Messaging forces a driver to divert from the road or lose control and immediately hit someone. Speaking on the phone while driving is already illegal in some of the states. All the states should focus on banning text messaging while driving. There should be documented cases of accidents, which are fatal because of mobile communication. Such way of driving is very dangerous because it needs one hand on the device and one hand on the steering wheel. Most of the accidents could be reduced if texting messaging while driving is banned.
Impact to Teenagers & Children
The impact of this issue is very dangerous because people apply the saying “I do not care,” on the road. It takes a very short period of time to text somebody and ruins hundreds of people’s lives just because one does not care. The question to this point is “Can one really live with happiness when hurting someone else? The evidence to this shows that texting contributes to the cause. Currently, this is the biggest problem found in all the states. Texting while driving has always been a problem among teenagers which is perceived by people in media throughout the states.
There is always an advice given to the teenagers about it and it is seen everywhere in the media. The research shows that teenagers are in high risk of, almost 70 percent of the adults in the study research are taken to the hospital because of texting while driving, while 50 percent of the teenagers are still among the victims of the disaster.
In the United States, there has been a survey about the reason why people text while driving and carry children in the back of their vehicles. An advocacy for safe children world widely was carried out in the name of protecting young children. The study showed a great percentage of 75 % of the parents communicating through text messaging and reading while driving with their children inside their vehicles. This is a risk; therefore it should be banned in all the sates to avoid the dangerous occurrences of the fatal issues. It is seems as a habit in some of the states where one can find it so hard to resist.
For instance, people have an idea about the law prohibiting texting while driving but they do not pay attention to it. Drivers know well it is illegal and also dangerous for their own lives, but they still do it because it is productivity part of their daily routine, hence they can stay connected with the world using cell phones. Every State needs to ban texting while driving and it should be illegal. Many people are killed today because of the current social issues pertaining texting while driving. This is not only affecting the drivers or the owners of the car but also the whole community.
Some of the factors that may lead to accidents while texting include unawareness of laws, violations of current traffic regulations and mere driving ethics. Texting while driving should be completely banned in all the States as it is the only way to increase the safety level on all the roads.
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