Yuti Huang, Ph.D.

Vice Chair - MSM, Inc. and Dominican University

Dr. Huang is currently a Sustainability Operations Analyst at MSM, Inc. at San Rafael in the San Francisco Bay Area, She is also currently an Adjunct Professor at the Dominican University of California, offers courses in the field of sustainability, environmental science, and geographic information systems.

She holds a Ph.D. and an M.Eng. degrees in Sustainable Environmental Systems Analysis Engineering, as well as a B.Eng. degree in Civil Engineering. Her specialty focuses on Sustainable Dynamic Systems Engineering and Corporate Sustainability Management. She dedicates herself to bring beneficial impacts on sustainability into our communities.

With around 11 years experience in the field of Sustainability; Environmental Planning and Management; as well as Corporate Sustainability Responsibility. Her current work focuses on effectively promoting sustainable systems with optimal resource usages, and with a finding real-world solutions to environmental, economic, and social challenges. She is also engaged in developing solutions to measure and communicate management and environmental performance for solving ecosystem problems and attempts to mitigate the effects of climate changes and pollution emissions.

Dr. Huang holds an SMCP and REP certification with a comprehensive capability in developing and implementing comprehensive decision-making support systems, sustainable frameworks, plans, as well as enhanced approaches for any business toward its short-, mid-, and long-term sustainability goals.

Dr. Huang has a wide range of interests, and she is also a Civil/Environmental Engineer, Licensed Counselling Psychologist, Professional Photographer, Musician, Computer Programmer, Artist, and Graphic Designer.