Mark Kindelberger

Advisory Board - Schneider Electric

Mark Kindelberger has been in sales and business development in the energy and water efficiency sectors since 2002, most recently serving as the Energy Solutions Program Manager for Schneider Electric’s, Energy and Sustainability Services Group (ESS).

Mark’s focus lately has been serving local government clients in Central and Northern California in attaining energy and water efficiencies within their municipal infrastructures.

Schneider Electrics ESS Group functions as an Energy Services Company (ESCO). Recognized and certified by Federal and State authorities, we provide design/build project delivery, allowing for faster overall design and construction processes. A unique business model allows us to guarantee performance of projects in the form of lowered utility costs and use that cash stream to help finance projects.

Mark has a great interest in energy and water related issues. He lives in Stockton, with his wife of 41 years.