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SMA member VSG Visual Solutions just created our sustainable marketing materials. If you are looking for really green solutions, we just wanted to share how one company is revolutionizing solutions we all need. Here's a mockup of SMA's design: tablecloth

Happy Earth Day!
Visual Solutions Group

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“Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign … “– May 1971, Five Man Electrical Band.

Visual Solutions Group embraces 'green' revolution in sign-printing industry

(Danville and Chino, California) – When that 70’s pop group lamented the many signs dominating America’s landscape they saw a visual disaster. But they never knew what an environmental disaster it would eventually become. Products were made with cancer-causing
formaldehyde, phthalates, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), APE and chlorine that eventually made in into landfill.

Now one enlightened California company is working to ensure their impact today does not become yet another contributor to eco-disaster. And it’s earning enthusiastic support from community leaders and celebrities ranging from Martha Stewart, Celebrity Chef Rachel Ray, U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier, D-California and Steny H. Hoyer of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Company Overview

Visual Solutions Group (VSG) - - a Danville, California -headquartered business is taking a leadership role in the growing “green” revolution in the digital printing industry. Through new digital technology (“waterless, chemical free, sustainable printing”), the company empowers businesses, organizations and individuals to communicate through eye-popping products – from “Planet Earth” T-shirts to massive outdoor banners – and be “green” from message conception to the end of a campaign, sale or event. It offers creative solutions for everything from standard graphics to “one-off” designs.

All of its products, including high-definition customer-retail banners, trade show products, tablecloths, home apparel and a full-line of eco-friendly wide format (width) media – are manufactured at the company’s Chino, California facility. The Chino plant is a member of the government-certified “Made in America” program. Now, says VSG founder, Jennifer Stanich-Banmiller, individuals, cities and companies can “free their conscience” by displaying signs, flag and banners without harming the environment.

VSG’s manufacturing facility was one of the first companies on the West Coast to employ the newest digital printing technologies that make a wide array of 100 -percent natural, biodegradable products that use no water and consume a fraction of the energy used in old processes. At the Visual Solutions Group plant, no products are made with dioxin-laden inks or unrecyclable materials that years ago would ultimately foul landfills and waterways and involve energy-hogging, water-guzzling machines.

Visual Solutions Group was the first specialty printing shop of its kind in the nation and is the only supplier of “Planet Earth Fabrics.” All of the company’s products can be safely recycled without harm to the environment and are free of cancer-causing formaldehyde, phthalates, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), APE and chlorine.

“Our company enables people to make a sustainable contribution to the effort to protect natural resources while still running a cost-effective business,” said Stanich-Banmiller whose company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Danville. “While digital printing may not come to mind when thinking about “green” initiatives, added Stanich-Banmiller, “it does enable any person or company to simultaneously support both sustainability and American jobs. And we work hard to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality.

The Marketplace
Visual Solutions Group is responding to the growing demand for eco-friendlier products. More than 70 percent of the current market for digitally-printed textiles is for soft signage, display graphics, flags and banners. In 2016, the worldwide market for digitally printed textiles exceeded $2 billion. Industry reports project digital textile printing to grow 30 percent each year. And 75 percent of that growth is expected to be generated from tradeshow soft signage and banners, displays and retail POP signs.

Stanich-Banmiller believes her woman-owned, carbon-neutral company can make a difference by being different. The company:
Employs the industry equivalent of the “Ferrari” - the nation’s fastest and world’s most cost-effective digital printing technology.

Uses entirely recycled materials. “Everything is hand me-down; nothing goes to waste.” For example, “Planet Earth Fabrics” include 65 percent pre-consumer textile fibers and 35 percent post-consumer PET bottles to reflect the sun’s rays to produce an almost “jewel-like quality.”

Uses a waterless printing process with minimal energy and saves 86 % of the CO2 emissions compared to conventional methods. Saves approximately 170 liters of water per garment (Planet Earth Fabrics).

Uses 100 percent natural and biodegradable wide format print media that’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications; it provides superior high definition yet is natural.

Uses a process free of ozone-depleting chemicals – a “green” alternative to petroleum-based print media.

Exceeds all industry standards for environmental responsibility. For example, its proprietary chemistry formula for canvas is completely free of harmful chemicals with minimal waste.

Saves resources; materials that might otherwise end up in landfills are used to make the company’s “Planet Earth” banners. In contrast, approximately 3.5 500ml plastic bottles are used to make an average-sized banner, saving the bottles from landfills.
Customers also play a role in making a difference for people and the environment. Stanich-Banmiller and VSG donate a portion of sales to such causes as “Stand up to Cancer” to organizations that provide ‘forever homes” for abandoned or surrendered dogs, cats, kittens and puppies.

Further Information
For interviews or tours of the Chino manufacturing facility – where every day is “sustainable and cost-effective,” please call Jennifer Stanich Banmiller at 925-964-1489 or Jim Oring at 909-452-6236.

For media inquiries please contact Jim Zelinski/ Zelinski Public Relations – 925-242-0918; 415-420-6050 or

Visual Solutions Group
4155 Blackhawk Plaza Cir Ste 110
Danville, California 94506

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